Custody and the incorrect assumptions parents make

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If there is a Rule #1 in Family Law that spouses should follow during divorce proceedings, this it: Do not listen to friends, family, or others who have been through their own divorces or who believe they know “the system.” Usually they are wrong—and sometimes very wrong. The most important thing a client can do […]

Setting the record straight – pt. II

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In Part I of “Setting the Record Straight” I offered three (3) tips for gathering evidence: Take screenshots, videos, and pictures; Follow up phone or in-person conversations with documents; and Remember that if it is in writing, it can (and probably will) be used as evidence. Below are three (3) more recommendations that can greatly […]

Setting the record straight – pt. 1

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“Get it in writing.”  How many times have you heard that warning?  Whether it is a warranty for a car or an appliance, or a receipt confirming your return of merchandise to a store, the rule is the same. Get hard proof. Court is no different, whether it is trial court or appeals court. Hence, […]