Trust & Estate Litigation

Here are Common Reasons for Seeking Out a Trust Litigation Lawyer:

It’s time to look for a trust litigation attorney when:
1. You are a beneficiary of a Trust and the person who made the Trust passes away. At that point, it is important to have an attorney review the Trust with you and help you understand the statutory deadlines.
2. You receive a notice of trust administration from the Trustee of the Trust. 
3. There is a Trustee – who is not you – and you do not agree with how they are administering the Trust.
4. You find something in the Trust that puzzles you. For example, if Mom and Dad told you that their trust gives each of their children an equal share, but when you read the trust, it is unequal. 
5. If you are concerned that one of your parents is in ill-health and may be being manipulated by one of your siblings. 
6. If there is a trust but certain items of property have not been placed in the trust.
7. When the second of your parents passes away and you have an estranged relationship with one or more of your siblings.
8. When the trust provides for distributions based on certain “milestones” (age, education, etc.). 
9. When the Trustee is taking an extraordinary amount of time to distribute assets.
10. When one of your siblings hires counsel. 
11. If you are the Trustee, you should consult with a lawyer to make sure that you are open and transparent in your dealings with your siblings and other beneficiaries. 
12. If you are not the Trustee but the Trustee is not being open and transparent with you or your siblings or other beneficiaries. 
13. If there is a concern regarding Power of Attorney Abuse
14. You suspect embezzlement 
At Egan Law, we are dedicated to keeping your assets away from the Government, and protecting your family’s future. Let’s talk about solutions that help minimize arguing among your loved ones, and to help maximize family harmony after you pass.
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