Custody and the incorrect assumptions parents make

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If there is a Rule #1 in Family Law that spouses should follow during divorce proceedings, this is it: Do not listen to friends, family, or others who have been through their own divorces, or who believe they know “the system.” Usually they are wrong—and sometimes very wrong. The most important thing a client can […]

Is California Family Law better today than it was 30 years ago?

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I struggled a bit writing this. I thought it would be easier finding examples proving that California Family Law is better now than it was 30 years ago.  Truth is, I’m not sure there have been many improvements since I began practicing in the 1990s. Yet, despite the similarities to 30 years ago, it is undeniable […]

Gathering evidence for court – pt. II

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In Part I of “Setting the Record Straight” I offered three (3) tips for gathering evidence for court: Take screenshots, videos, and pictures; Follow up phone or in-person conversations with documents; and Remember that if it is in writing, it can (and probably will) be used as evidence. Below are three (3) more recommendations that […]