Choosing The Right Lawyer

The Law Offices of M. Jude Egan has had over 400 family law clients in the last few years, the vast majority of whom have been satisfied with the work I have done for them.  I try very hard to settle cases quickly and fairly and when that fails the degree to which I am […]

Santa Maria Child Custody Lawyer: A Father’s Day Blog Post

[Ed. Note: This post was written on Father’s Day 2013 but due to a technical glitch and site transfer, did not get uploaded until today. Father’s Day or not, I still feel like it’s relevant.] Happy Father’s Day Blog Post It’s Father’s Day and I had a great day I spent in that bittersweet way […]

Spotlight On Family Law: Bill Of Rights For Children Of Divorce

A great article from several months ago by Julie Ross and Judy Corcoran deserves a repost here with proper credit.  They are marriage and family therapists who developed a Bill of Rights of Children of Divorce.  These are very basic tenets that any divorcing parent should follow and something I urge all of my clients – male […]

Spotlight On Family Law: Legal Victories And Moral Victories

First Steps Your soon-to-be-ex is a no good, cheating, lying jerk!  But for all of the nonsense he/she has been pulling for the past twelve years, your marriage would be intact and harmonious.  Now everyone involved is suffering and you don’t just want to get divorced, you want to make them pay.  You want the […]

Spotlight On Family Law: Child Support Calculations

Calculating child support is contingent on two major factors: timeshare and income differential between the parties.  In basic terms, if you earn significantly more than your ex-spouse you will likely make a child support payment even if you have the children the majority of the time.  California public policy is that the children’s love should not be […]

Text Message Anonymizers – Courtroom Evidence

In a recent and ongoing matter, I have come up against something I did not know even existed, the presence of text message anonymizers that apparently allow a user to send a text message to a phone with a fake phone number attached – in my matter, the phone messages were purported to have come […]

It’s Time To Start Thinking About No Fault Child Custody Proceedings

A great op-ed piece in the New York Times by Ruth Bettleheim on February 18, 2010 tackles a important issue in the family courts: no fault child custody proceedings.  So called “No Fault Divorce” which is now 42 years old in California, paved the way for couples to get divorced based on “irreconcilable differences” and removed the […]

Get Your Divorce Worked Out…Outside Of Court

This is a repost of an excellent article by a Chicago divorce attorney with 48 years of practice.  He basically points out that virtually all divorces in which there are any means settle outside of Court, but not before it ends up costing the parties a good chunk of the money they have collectively saved.  In my […]