Is California Family Law better today than it was 30 years ago?

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I struggled a bit writing this. I thought it would be easier finding examples proving that California Family Law is better now than it was 30 years ago.  Truth is, I’m not sure there have been many improvements since I began practicing in the 1990s. Yet, despite the similarities to 30 years ago, it is undeniable […]

Children In The Courtroom: A New Rite Of Passage

Children In The Courtroom: A New Rite Of Passage.   Time was when a child went through a teenaged rite of passage with the elders of his or her clan.  Such a rite of passage might have included learning a Hebrew poem, an important dance, or going off into the woods on a solo adventure. In […]

Bill Of Rights For Children Of Divorce

A great article from several months ago by Julie Ross and Judy Corcoran deserves a repost here with proper credit.  They are marriage and family therapists who developed a Bill of Rights for Children of Divorce.  These are very basic tenets that any divorcing parent should follow and something I urge all of my clients – male […]