Is Divorce Mediation best for me?

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Everyone wants to avoid litigation and its accompanying anxieties and inconveniences. Divorcing couples are no different. Some have chosen the alternative path of mediation and have saved money and suffered less heartache. Others found mediation to be a disaster, costing them more in money and in grief in the long run. So if you and […]

Spousal Support: It can get nasty

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In the past two blog entries we addressed custody and child support. In this post we will discuss the most incendiary of all topics for divorcing couples: spousal support. “Why should I pay her support so she can sit home on her butt. Let her get a job!” Or if the woman is already working, […]

Is California Family Law better today than it was 30 years ago?

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I struggled a bit writing this. I thought it would be easier finding examples proving that California Family Law is better now than it was 30 years ago.  Truth is, I’m not sure there have been many improvements since I began practicing in the 1990s. Yet, despite the similarities to 30 years ago, it is undeniable […]

Your out of court behavior matters

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What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens outside the courtroom will not necessarily remain outside the courtroom.  Do not mistakenly believe that as long as your conduct is okay inside the courtroom, you can do and say whatever you would like in all other situations. Many an ex has made this […]

Gathering evidence for court

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“Get it in writing.” How many times have you heard that warning? Whether it is a warranty for a car or an appliance, or a receipt confirming your return of merchandise to a store, the rule is the same. Get hard proof when you are gathering evidence for court.  Court is no different, whether it is trial […]

Asset hide-and-go-seek: what is your spouse hiding?

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Too often spouses attempt to hide assets during a divorce, despite the severe repercussions if caught. Penalties range from being charged with perjury and fraud to being forced to hand over 100% of the hidden asset to the other spouse. Nevertheless, according to a survey by the NEFE (National Endowment for Financial Education) with the […]

Choosing The Right Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer can be difficult. Of course cost is a major factor, but it is not the only factor. In fact, it may not even be the biggest factor, especially when choosing a divorce lawyer. There is also the success rate of the lawyer, the personality of the lawyer, the reputation/conduct of the […]

A Father’s Day Blog Post

A Father’s Day Blog Post (Ed. note: this was originally written in 2013, but it is as relevant today as it was then.) It’s Father’s Day and I had a great day I spent in that bittersweet way that only a father in a blended family can have. I had my four and half year […]

Bill Of Rights For Children Of Divorce

A great article from several months ago by Julie Ross and Judy Corcoran deserves a repost here with proper credit.  They are marriage and family therapists who developed a Bill of Rights for Children of Divorce.  These are very basic tenets that any divorcing parent should follow and something I urge all of my clients – male […]

Legal Victories And Moral Victories

First Steps – Learn the difference between legal victories and moral victories Your soon-to-be-ex is a no good, cheating, lying jerk!  But for all of the nonsense he/she has been pulling for the past twelve years, your marriage would be intact and harmonious.  Now everyone involved is suffering and you don’t just want to get […]